How to Rent RV

Why Rent an RV?

Renting an RV can be an amazing experience for a truly unique vacation. It’s not always the cheapest way to travel, but getting behind the wheel of a motorhome is a great way to explore the country while still having all the comforts of home. You can take a vacation you’ll never forget and spend quality time reconnecting with your family, all while having the freedom to travel at your own pace!

Inside an RV Rental in Wisconsin

RV Rental

How it Works

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Read & Ask Questions

Check out all the details at like what’s included, insurance, pick up and drop off times, taxes, optional fees & more. Ask questions so there are no surprises.

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Book Your Rental

Book your RV rental on for your dates. They will walk you through the process of sending ID verification, signing your booking agreement & getting insurance.

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Schedule Pick Up

About a month or so before your booking we will ask you to fill out an RV Prep Form so we can schedule your pick up and prepare the RV with the specific items you’d like for your trip.

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Pick Up the RV

Plan for about an hour to pick up the RV. You will get a tour and some training. You can park your car in our driveway during your trip or bring a friend and take your car back home.

Class C Motorhome Rental

Things to Consider…

Pick Up and drop off times

Will the standard pick up and drop off times work for you? The regular pick up time is between 3pm-8pm on the first day of your reservation. That time needs to be scheduled precisely in advance. The regular drop off time is between 7am-12pm (noon). Early pick up and late drop off MAY be available for a fee.

How will you pay for tolls?

If you are traveling through Illinois to the east coast or south to Florida there are several tollways that will require cash or a transponder. You can use your transponder with the RV Rental or pay the toll fees out of your security deposit if you don’t want to stop and pay cash.

How many miles will be driven?

The RV Rental includes 100 miles per night based on the reservation length. For example, a 7 night rental includes 700 miles. This is pretty much an industry standard if you look at other RV Rentals. The overage is calculated when the RV is returned and charged against your security deposit if needed.

Take your time

We don’t recommend driving the RV over 65 miles per hour. Driving faster will make it harder to hold the RV steady, it will consume much more gas, it will be harder to stop if there’s an emergency and it will be bumpier and louder for your passengers. Take your time and remember to leave plenty of space in front of you to stop this heavy vehicle. It will not handle like a car.

Seat Belt Laws

Each state has different laws about seat belts in motorhomes but many states only REQUIRE seatbelts in the front seats. See a great article on seat belts in RVs here. The RV comes equipped with 5 lap belts in the living space (3 on sofa, 2 on forward facing dinette bench). Sitting in the rear facing dinette seat when the RV is in motion is not recommended by the the manufacturer, so they did not put seat belts on that side.

Using Bed Over Cab When Moving

We know it seems fun, but don’t lay in the bed above the cab when it’s moving. It’s not only illegal and dangerous, but it can cause the overhead cab exterior seams to crack and leak (that happened to us on our last RV). This is a common problem with Class C motorhomes and it’s super expensive to fix. You would be surprised how easily it can happen, please don’t risk losing your deposit.

“Traveling by RV has given our family some unforgettable memories – memories that could never be made on an airplane or in a hotel.”

Dawn Krueger, RV Owner